bio page update

Life seems to be passing by so quickly.  It seems like entire days can pass by (lets be honest… weeks… months… years) and I am just going through the motions.  I am getting done what needs to be done: the bills are paid, the house isn’t a disaster zone (all of the time), the boys are bathed and fed, and we are making progress on our mission at church.  But all of that seems to just happen without me being fully conscious of it.  I want to live life to the fullest.  I know it cliche, but it is the truth.  We get one run at this thing called life.  It is beautiful– filled with love and kindness and inspiration.  We get this one chance to connect in meaningful ways.  We get this one chance to leave our mark.  We get this one chance to join God in impacting the world for the good.  It is so easy though to focus our attention instead on the “things” that don’t matter– accumulating stuff, being at the right events, getting the promotion, having everything just right, etc– that we miss out of the abundance that is right in front of us.

I don’t want this to be my story anymore.  I want to chose something different, I want to live a life that aligns more with God’s vision of “good” than the world’s.  This has been an ongoing realization for me as my life has progressively led me more and more towards simplicity or the pop term of “minimalism”.

I have lived in the most densely populated state in the country (New Jersey) and now live in the most sparsely populated state in the continental US (Montana).  I have lived in affluent communities and lower middle class communities.  I have lived in the suburbs and in rural settings.  Through it all I have found that the “stuff” doesn’t matter and more often than not it gets in the way.  That stuff can be tangible and that stuff can be mental, but all of it is what is keeping us from living life fully.

I am writing this blog to help me pause long enough to notice life- the beauty, the mess, the love– and to see how God is communicating through it all.  I don’t think I am alone, in fact I know that I am not.  So I hope that you find this blog to be a trigger to pause and pay attention.  I hope that you find encouragement to let go of what is keeping you from appreciating the beauty that fills your moments.  I hope that you find inspiration to share your simple spiritual you with the world.

So what business do I have writing for other people to read?  Well I am an ordained pastor in the Presbytery Church (USA), I feel called to encourage and equip others to see God’s work all around us and join in that work.  I am a mother of three boys and I know the chaos that accompanies being a mother, I also know the beauty and blessings.  I am a wife that loves being married, but also knows the reality of sharing life and having to set aside my selfish tendencies.  I am a person who yearns to use the random number of days I have on this planet to help people connect– to themselves, to each other, and to God– in a way that leaves the world better off.  This is just one effort of many to accomplish a bit of that.  I hope you find this blog meaningful.  Blessings!