Why Simplify?

“We are dependent upon God for even our sense of worth as individuals. Our uniqueness and dignity are rooted in our creation in the image of God.  Our value is not tied to wealth, status, accomplishments, or position. It is a gift. Obviously, this wonderful truth flies in the face of the modern tendency to define people by what they produce or what they have.”

~Richard Foster

The world around us seems to scream that our worth is dependent upon “stuff”- the stuff we own, the stuff we do, the stuff we accomplish.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of really good “stuff” out there- a hot cup of tea, juicy hamburgers, apple computers… The problem is we allow the “stuff” to define us or keep us from seeing the beautiful life and moments with God that surround us. We are enough and life is beautiful.  When we strip down life and rid ourselves of the “stuff” that doesn’t matter– the “stuff” that is getting in the way– we often find more fulfilling, abundant life.  We find God in the giggles, the warm embraces, the chaos, and the quiet.  God is there- in all of it, but often we put so much other “stuff” in the way that we cannot see what God is inviting us to– life abundant.

So explore– you will find reflections on how eliminating the “stuff” leads to abundant life and how to see God in the simple moments of an ordinary day.


You can read my own story of simplifying and connecting deeper with God here. 


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