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Brandon and I are headed to a conference for a couple of days.  One of the joys of rural ministry is that attending conferences almost always includes a lengthy travel.  One of the joys of being a clergy couple and parents of toddlers, is that when we embark on our travels to said conferences, it almost always becomes a family affair, toting the toddlers to enjoy a couple of days in child care while we are fed spiritually and academically.

So today we set out on another adventure and I can’t help but be reminded as we face the 9+ hours between Miles City and Jackson Hole, of a book I adore by a woman named Denise Roy “My Monastery Is a Minivan: Where the Daily become Divine and the Routine Becomes Prayer.” Being absolutely honest, long road trips are TERRIFYING to me.  Hours upon hours sitting so close with not much to do.  Yet I am always surprised about how these trips end up being spiritual for our family. 

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