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Nothing in Life or in Death

When a person dies, regardless of when or how, but especially by suicide, we need to find new ground to stand on.


Shocked. Bewildered. Confused. Angry. Searching. These are a few of the sentiments many people have shared over the past few days following the suicide of one of the world most beloved comedians.  Robin Williams’ death caught everyone off guard. He gave so many great works of art to the big screen and his long, brilliant career has made a lasting impression on everyone I know.  A man known for his ability to make other people smile. It has brought the reality of suicide to the big screen and caused many to pause and reflect.

While the wider public has been hard hit by the news about Robin Williams, my family and close friends have been coping with a more personal struggle with this after the suicide of someone we loved dearly last week.  My world feels different now.  I feel a throbbing pain and sense a gash inside myself that will not soon heal. Tyler is no longer with us. A brilliant young man, ready to begin his Senior year of High School, made the tragic decision to take his own life.

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