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The Good In Good Friday

What God was doing in that dark and confusing time was powerful, what Jesus did between Friday and Sunday is where the love is revealed and where God’s commitment to us is put on display.

Good FridayI remember feeling confused about Good Friday when I was little.  My parents would often keep us home from school and we would go to a midday worship service.  Nothing about the service seemed “good”.  Everyone always seemed sad and melancholy.  The pastors talked a lot about death and sin.  Then there was the awful accounts of Jesus being beaten and hung on a cross, the anguish that he verbalized and the despair that seemed to be a part of his final moments, until he eventually suffocated and died there, alone.  Again nothing seemed “good” about any of that.

As a kid when I thought of a “good” day, it probably included playing outside, eating ice cream, being with friends, no fighting, just laughing and enjoying life.  Good Friday didn’t seem to be that kind of “good” day, there was nothing laughable that transpired.

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