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Broadening the View— Weekend Inspiration

Awww, the weekends aren’t what they once were… Sleeping in until 11am is a thing of the past in my home.  Lazing around the house in pajamas and marathon watching movies is no longer a reality with three boys underfoot. Sitting down with the paper, sitting down a good book or catching up on current events only happen in 30 second intervals… if I am lucky.

While I love the chaos and excitement of the weekend and the adventures that often accompany it, stepping back enough to see the bigger picture of life often doesn’t happen. Let’s be honest, it isn’t just a weekend problem.  The reality is that the routines of life keep us moving at a break neck speed through days, weeks, months, and years.  The well known saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees” can be paraphrased in mom language to “you can’t see life’s blessings through the laundry… and the dishes… and the soccer practices…”

My hope with these weekly posts of “broadening the view” is that by hearing the voices of others we will step back a little from the chaos and recognize the gifts.  There are all sorts of downsides to social media, but one beautiful gift is that we have access to the voices of so many inspiring individuals.

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