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Letting Go of Perfection

legosLet’s just get this out of the way at the beginning, I am a perfect mom… okay well not exactly.  I put A LOT of energy into trying to achieve my vision of perfection though.  It is a great vision— healthy nutritious meals (that are shaped like robots, or animals, or whatever the last Pinterest trend was), a clean and orderly house, kind and respectful children, happiness and giggling oozing from every corner of our home while the smell of cookies wafts through the air…. The reality is that my vision of perfect is absolutely impractical, but I still try to achieve it.  Sadly, in my pursuit of the first part of that list (particularly the clean and orderly house part— that is a never winning battle), it seems that I sacrifice really being present and hands on in the magical moments of an ordinary day with children.

So I say “Out with perfection!”  Now that doesn’t mean that my family is living in squalor, that we are eating candy for breakfast, or that the boys run through their days with no rules holding them back.  Everything is about balance.  What it means is that last night as I was making dinner and the boys (yes even my husband Brandon and one year old Levi) were having light saber wars with pool noodles in the living room and messing up my tidy space as they jumped on the furniture and distracted their opponent by throwing whatever they could lay their hands on… in the midst of all of that when I wanted to tell them to calm down and stop making a mess, instead I let the dinner plans pause and I just watched them.  I enjoyed their giggling and the chaos.

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Like A Child

“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'”(Matthew 18:1-4)

IMG_4509On my most cynical days, I reflect on this text and sarcastically respond in my head “have you met my children?!?”  Those days are typically the ones in which the “joy” of toddler hood is in full effect: fighting over toys, hitting for no reason, whining, non stop demands, “mom, mom, mom”… 

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