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Like A Chicken


I credit much of my understanding of God to my parents.  Neither are pastors leading churches, neither have masters degrees in theology, neither have the Bible memorized with verses at the ready for all of life’s struggles.  Yet, they showed me daily what God’s love looks like. Both modeled what it means to stand up for people who are in need of a friend, both modeled unconditionally love and acceptance for my sisters and I, and both trusted in God deeply in the good and tough times in our lives.

When thinking about who God is we often compare God’s being to our experience of fatherhood, due mainly to the Trinitarian language of God the Father.  Yet the Bible over and over uses feminine language as well to describe to us who God is and what God is doing in the world.  So as we approach mother’s day, I want to share with you how my own mother, Patti Marie Ashton, was and is a living parable for me of who God is and who God calls us to be.  Please understand, just like each of us my mother has her imperfections (not many though), the beauty of God is that God can work with those imperfections to create something truly amazing.  I believe her life testifies to that.

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