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The Power of a Simple Touch

hugs heal

Touch is powerful.

This morning was tough.  We are just returning from a ten day trip to spend time with our families in Arizona.  It was a great trip, but it was also exhausting.  We are all struggling a bit to get back into gear and return to our “normal”.  The effects on Graham, our middle five year old, have been more obvious… tantrums, disrespect, hitting, etc. As a parent recovering from the same exhaustion my ability to handle his behavior has itself been challenging.  As our confrontations came to a head after daycare this morning we both were so frustrated and overwhelmed that we didn’t want to look at each other let alone touch.  He stormed in the house yelling and threatening how he will never wear socks again in his life (that’s right, socks are what set him off this time). I unloaded my stuff and took Levi, our one year old,  upstairs for his nap.  I was happy to retreat to my room and let Brandon handle the situation.

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