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One of God’s greatest gifts is the people that are placed in our lives, may we never take them for granted.


In my first calling out of seminary, I served a congregation in Scottsdale, AZ as an Associate Pastor.  In that call, I was blessed to work along side a handful of other faithful clergy.  I learned from them, was challenged by them, and am still inspired by their faith.  It wasn’t too long after my work there began, that I new there was something special about one of the other pastors on staff.  His name was Rev. Fran Park.  He was 50 years my senior, yet that didn’t keep us from quickly becoming great friends.  He was sarcastic, faithful, reflective, sarcastic, thoughtful, loving, sarcastic… we were kindred spirits off the bat.  Many of my favorite moments in the office were spent alongside Fran.  He was a man of great presence- he had a background in radio ministry on the East Coast, he had moderated our denomination, taught at seminaries, and any time there was a need of “the voice of God” in theatrical presentations everyone knew Fran was the man for the job.  Fran was one of the greatest mentors in my life, but never viewed himself as such, he was my friend and a great support through the ups and downs of ministry and the milestones of parenthood.  

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