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I am a mother of four (so I get little sleep), one of which is an eight month old (resulting in even less sleep). I know that you can’t take your eyes off of them, that it only takes a moment for them to make a mess in a perfectly tidy room, and the only way to really contain them is in a crib or when they are strapped into their car seat.  The other day, Brandon and I were heading out to drop the two youngest off at my moms house for a couple of hours. For 30 minutes they would both be strapped into their car seat— 30 minutes where they wouldn’t be able to get away or make any messes.  So of course I brought some stuff to get done.  The plan- use the 30 minutes to write some thank you notes and chat with Brandon about our plans for the rest of the week.  A few months ago I had written a handful of thank you’s— I had written, stuffed, addressed, and stamped them so they were ready to go.  I set the stack on the kitchen table and ran upstairs to change Kennedy’s diaper before getting the littles in the car for the quick ride to the mail box.  I was out of the room less than five minutes.  I returned with a freshly diapered baby to Levi sitting at the kitchen table opening all of the thank you’s that I had written. He was “helping” me with the mail. So yes, writing thank you cards in the car might not sound like the best idea, but it was better than some options.

So we are driving.  I have pen ready, trying to formulate my first sentence while keeping my hand steady as we drive along… “Momma, why are catcuses green?”

“huh? I don’t really know Levi.  Mommy is trying to think, hold on one second”

“Momma, why do the mountains over there look grey when the dirt is actually brown?”

“huh? Uh, that is a good question Levi, uh….”

“Momma, why does the song say ‘God is over the moon’ is that where God lives, does God live over the moon?”

Pen down.  Cards folded.

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