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Split Second Decisions

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My hope is that today we will pause and remember.

This past Saturday, April 16th, marked the nine year anniversary of the shooting at Virginia Tec.  Thirty-two lives were taken on a day that began as any other for those students and professors.  They headed to class exhausted from late night studying, wondering if their students would be prepared, wondering if their instructor would put them to sleep or inspire them to tackle the world.  How we wish the normal happenings was what actually transpired, but we wish in vane.  What happened on that campus that day would resulted in lives been lost forever, families being shattered, a college community traumatized, and a country asking why.

Last Friday, April 15th, marked the three year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Three lives where taken in the blasts and 264 others were injured.  The emotional trauma of those present that day will remain.  After years of training and competing in qualifying events, over 23,000 runners from around the world gathered for race day.  They estimate that close to 50,000 spectators crowded the streets to cheer them on.  Roughly three hours after the winner of the race crossed the finish line, as 5600 racers still were finishing their race, the first of two bombs went off followed just twelve seconds later by the second.

I hope that we remember the lives that were lost and the individuals, families, and communities that are still grieving.  I also hope that we will pause and reflect on those who acted and those who continue to act to protect and bring healing in the midst of great fear and sadness.

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Brothers and Sisters

brothersIf you are active in the Facebook world, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of days designated to recognize one thing or another.  Some of these designations are to raise our awareness to issues and needs: domestic violence, cancer research, autism awareness, college rape… There are other designations that really seem to just be silly and hope to bring a little fun to our sometimes-to-serious lives: talk like a pirate day, national donut day, I even saw this week we celebrated “Grilled Cheese Day” (thank you Sarah).  I have no idea how some of these get recognition and go viral, yet I am grateful that Facebook called my attention to “National Sibling Day” earlier this week.

I noticed, and even celebrated, the day last year, but this year it seemed to increase in popularity. My Facebook feed was inundated with friends honoring their siblings— posting pictures of when they were littler, or pictures of the last time they were together, and celebrating the memories and moments they have shared.  I loved reading through each, seeing people I cared about surrounded by the family that made them who I know them to be.  I also noticed that many of my friends who don’t have biological siblings joined the fun as well, posting pictures of the people in their lives that functioned as their siblings.  It was a blessing.  It cause me to pause and recognize how truly blessed we are to have each other.

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