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Letting Go of the “Easy Way”

God's road

I love road trips. I credit my dad for this passion. He jumps at any chance he can get to drive a long distance.  When Brandon and I moved from Arizona to New Jersey for seminary, there was no hesitation that he was going to join us on the journey.  When we moved from Arizona to Montana, he was quick to volunteer to drive one of our vehicles.

Interestingly enough, the first long road trip my family took was from Arizona to Montana when I was in middle school.  My great Uncle lived outside of Glacier Park and we headed up with my Grandmother in tow to spend a week taking in the national park.  Some people plan out a road trip and determine the quickest way to get from their starting point to their destination— for these people they could make this trip in one day (if they were willing to drive all night).  Most families “fast” would mean breaking it down to two days of 10/11 hours in the car— a lot of driving time, but you get the drive behind you and get to focus on your destination.  That is not how my dad does it.  We spent just as much time— if not more— driving to Montana as we did at our destination.  We zig zagged through the southwest making  our way north— stopping in Vegas, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone National Park… those are just the highlights that I remember now.  At each place we saw the sights and did some sort of activity— rafting in Yellowstone was my favorite.  My dad also isn’t one to commit to driving only on the main interstates either.  In order to get to all of the destinations he wanted to hit, we found ourselves on a bunch of tiny back roads— or as he termed them “short cuts”.   I remember one such leg of our journey took us on switch back roads, in the fog, up one of the tallest mountains I had ever seen.  I don’t remember a guard rail (though my recollection due to trauma could be imperfect), but I do remember my mom sobbing in the front seat as she covered her eyes and told us all to be silent until we made it through (I got my fear of heights from her). Well… we made it.

It wasn’t the fasted route to our destination.  It wasn’t the most uneventful route either.  It was memorable and it was my dad’s way.

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Letting Go of “My Way”

following godLast weekend, Brandon and I took our boys on a great adventure!  Okay, it wasn’t actually that great, and really not much of an adventure either.  We went to Billings —the closest “large” city to our town of 8,000.  But we have found that in order to get the boys to buy into a two hour car ride so that their parents can go shopping at costco and other “necessary” stops, terming the trip a great adventure ups their enthusiasm.  So we went on a great adventure.

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Letting Go of “It All”

molly flowersYou are amazing! You are capable! You have everything you need to be the perfect you!

I want you to actually hear those words and let them soak in a bit.  You are not just “good enough”, you are straight up good.  You are important and you matter!

Reading this may make you feel like you stepped in to a bad “self-help” meditation, but let go of that notion and read it again.

I have been struck recently by how much information is out “there” telling you how to be better, how to be perfect, how to be successful.  I want to make sure that as you weed through that information, that you don’t allow it to dishearten you. Instead, allow it to inspire you.  Don’t hear the advice that is hurled at you constantly as suggesting that you are a failure at life, instead welcome it as a conversation partner and only internalize what is life giving and hopeful for you.   

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