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Spiritual Gridlock


My hometown has seen a lot of action recently.  Within the last month Phoenix, AZ has been a very popular destination.  A few weekends back automobile enthusiasts flocked to the Valley of the Sun for the Barrett-Jackson auction and car show.  That event was immediately followed by golfers making their appearance for the Phoenix Open.  Then this past Sunday the valley came into the national spotlight with football fans and celebrities coming in for the festivities that surrounded the Super Bowl.  All of these events overlapped each other and took place within a span of 30miles.  As the Super Bowl fans began arriving and the Phoenix Open continued social media began to buzz with news of the traffic filling the Valley freeways.  It was gridlock.  Tourists not sure where they were going causing slowdown on the main thoroughfares.  Commuters trying to make it into the office running into massive delays as they tried to navigate around the impressive events.  The images and texts I received from friends where amazing, 6 lane freeways at a standstill, not due to an accident (praise God!) but due to the congestion of so much going on.

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