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God Makes A Way

God is acting, God is moving, God is making a way through the perils of this life to deliver us to the other side, the promised land.

AZ floodsBy now it is probably more than evident that I am from Arizona- born and raised- and that the desert of the southwest will always be “home” for me in the nostalgic sense.  I know that land, I know the culture, it is a part of who I am.  There are some things you come to expect when living in the deserts of Arizona- dryness, scorpions, big spiders, prickly things, and a lack of rain.  This week though, the weather patterns in Arizona have taken a hiatus and the unexpected, unprecedented, and somewhat dangerous has taken its place— torrential rainfall has hit the area resulting in flooding record breaking numbers and flooding that hasn’t been seen in decades.

My social media has been flooded with images of friends joking about building arks, other pictures of the main freeways being shut down because they look more like lakes, and still more photos of homes, schools, and churches trying to dry out after inches of standing water made its way into buildings.  

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