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Mount Rushmore

You are beautiful, capable, and going to do something impressive with the help of God.  Don’t lose hope, know that great things are to come. 


Still being relatively new to Eastern Montana, our summer has turned in to mini trips to tourist highlights to visit all of the must see spots.  We have been to Mekoshika, Yellowstone, and just this last weekend we did a lightning fast turn-around trip to Rapid City in order to visit Mt. Rushmore with some friends from New Jersey.

We arrived early before the crowds, and the sun, were too intense.  We spent time just taking pictures and looking around the amphitheater area, but then the boys spotted the trail that led all the way down and up to the mountain area.  I may be overstating the distance, but at 8 months pregnant at times walking down the driveway seems like a real hike.  Brandon and our boys along with our friends and their kiddos were pretty excited to set out on their little trek, while I was equally excited to sit in the shade and marvel at the mountain from a distance.  

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Growing Faith


I was oblivious to the care he had been giving this little plant.  When that care ended so did the plant.  Our faith is not that different

green plantI am not what some would term “a green thumb”.  I love the idea of having plants in my home and beautiful gardens in my yard, but I have never been able to keep any of them alive on my own.  I can say it is just a curse, but the reality is that I neglect them.  One of the many blessings about being married to Brandon is that he doesn’t share this trait, he worked much of his high school years and early college years in a garden center.  He can look at a house plant and recognize its needs.  I don’t even notice when leaves start to droop or the color isn’t as vibrant, but he does.  He can tell if it needs more sun, or maybe less.  He recognizes when a plant is thirty or perhaps overwatered; when a pot may be too small; when there is some other problem that goes unseen by my eye.

In Arizona, Brandon and I served a church together.  We didn’t share a job like we do now in Montana. I was an Associate Pastor there and Brandon took on a variety of roles during our five years depending on the needs of the congregation.  I brought a houseplant into my office and had it on my desk.  It was beautiful. It made me smile.  It lived for a long time… and then it died.  It took me a week or so to put together that its death correlated with Brandon’s work schedule changing and taking him out of the office.  I was oblivious to the care he had been giving this little plant.  When that care ended so did the plant.

Our faith is not that different. 

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